Category: Mentality

Living with Chronic and Mental Illness

October 15, 2020
This film clip may be difficult to watch for some, because there may be triggers. Always know you are never a burden and needn’t be alone. There is always someone...

Anxiety Tips – Self-Soothing

July 28, 2020
A presentation containing self-soothing techniques to reduce anxiety.

Why Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse Don’t Disclose

June 30, 2020
An article urging anyone struggling with childhood sexual abuse to seek counselling.

Living with Asperger Syndrome

June 27, 2020
A short film I think describes how high functioning autism is like to live with. Please be aware that this is one person’s experience, everyone is different.

Remote counselling during COVID-19

April 16, 2020
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak I will be practising social distancing and will only be available for telephone or Skype appointments. Please call on 07754 909608 or on Skype contact...
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